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Welcome to NS Health Center Group

North Seattl Health Center is alternative practice to go to in Lynnwood. Here you will find caring doctors (Acupucturist, Chiroprator, Naturopathic doctor) and therapists who strive to give you the best possible health care, in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. We take the time to get to know you and truly listen. Nothing makes us happier than keeping you and your family healthy!

We pride ourselves in offering the best possible health care. At North Seattl Health Center you can count on receiving health care services in a friendly and open environment. We are here to listen and make sure you get the best care possible!

Job Offering

Health Care Manager Wanted:  Manage and coordinate personnel, finance, and facility operations.

Manage the administration of patients and their records, and maintain patient records to comply with regulations and ensure that databases are complete, accurate, and available only to authorized personnel.  Establish and implement policies, objectives, and procedures for the health care center; evaluate personnel and work quality; create employee work schedules; develop reports and budgets; and coordinate activities with health care workers.  Oversee personnel matters, billing and collection, budgeting, planning, equipment outlays, and patient flow.  Requires a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in Health Administration, Public Health, Business Administration, or Management or its foreign equivalent or closely related field and/or equivalent in work experience. 


Please send resumes to:  Dr. Daehyun CHOI, Chung Song Ja Corp. dba North Seattle Health Center, 4629 168th St. SW, #B, Lynnwood, WA 98037.  No phone calls please.  

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